En annen partner

The project ‘En annen partner’ started over a year ago, when human-person Renate and plant-person Gullis met at the flower-shop and decided to move in together. Since then, they have really committed to their relationship —through being actively present in each others everyday lives, through introducing each other for hobbies, family and friends, through sharing secrets, dreams and by making promises they can never keep. Just like any other relationship.

They even went away on a charter trip; and at Atelier Nord you can catch a glimpse of how that unfolded.

Renate Synnes Handal

Renate Synnes Handal is an artist based in Bergen. She received her BFA at the Academy of Art and Design (2016) and her MFA from the University in Bergen, Faculty of Art, Music and Design (2018.) Since her graduation she has worked as an art-critic for the local newspaper, Bergens Tidene. In 2019 she is part of TagTeam’s Skrivestue, a project focused on developing art-writing.

Her practice can best be described as a platform for story-telling, where big ontological questions about who we are and how we live now functions as a blurry backdrop. It is a practice that calls for radical empathy, searches for true communication and explores human, political responsibilities.