We are two newly educated fashion designers from KHiO (2018). Through fashion we try to broaden our perception of art and people together. We both actively invite to dialog with the people in our work, and try to make them a part of the process and end result, not just to be something for the clothes to hang out. In our work we try to make fashion more available to the people who see it, by introducing recognizable elements like satire, humour and story-telling. With fashion we make worlds for the people to explore, question, and enjoy. Our main goal is to include the audience. We focus on what changes we would like to see in our field, and work through them in all our projects.

Sara Skogøy is all about the politics of fashion. She focuses heavily on feminist theories and the working class vs the bourgeoisie. In her projects we see worlds unfold while challenging the confirming rules of womanhood.

Tuva Aanensen works with character development through clothing. While discussing the importance of femininity in fashion today, she introduces a much long needed variety of people in to fashion. She focuses on the social values of clothing, and what it means to the individual wearer, and how it changes our identity.