FAEN – “Female Norwegian Experimental Artists” is the first edition of planned event series focusing on different aspects and sub-themes of experimental arts in Norway. The events are initiated and organized by the emerging curator and experimental art practitioner Zane Cerpina (NO/LV).

FAEN is sponsored by : Arts Council Norway, PNEK, Atelier Nord and TEKS. Other partners include: BEK, i/o/lab, Notam, Vandaler forening, Videokunstarkivet and the book project: Elektronisk Kunst i Norge. The program will also involve educational institutions (NMH, KHiO, KiT, UiB, Oslo MET).

LOGOS SPONAtelier Nord is the main partner and sponsor for the FAEN – Female Artistic Experiments Norway program. The program is developed in a close collaboration with Atelier Nord and all the events will take place at Atelier Nord. Atelier Nord works within new media art, with new forms and new content – especially within technology intensive art. These fields are characterized by instability in relation to production, distribution and how they are communicated.

LOGOS SPON3PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Art Norway is one of the main sponsors and partners for the FAEN three week long program, mainly contributing to the FAEN Symposium development and realization. PNEK is a network structure aiming to provide good production conditions for artists working with electronic and interdisciplinary art.

LOGOS SPON2TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Art Centre is one of the main sponsors of FAEN program. In collaboration with TEKS, FAEN will show the full collection of the Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art as part of the archival program. TEKS is also a partner for the FAEN Open call. TEKS is a non-profit organisation founded in Trondheim in 2002. The organisation is a resource and competence centre that aims to produce and convey techno related art projects within all art disciplines.

BEK-logo-bwBEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of art and new technology. We aim to extend the field of electronic art through collaboration, reflection and the sharing of knowledge. BEK is a partner for the FAEN Open Call.


i/o/lab – Based in Stavanger, at Tou Scene – a former brewery transformed into a cultural house – i/o/lab has since 2001 promoted artistic projects that explore the interplay between new technology, science, bioart and social context. i/o/lab contributes as a resource through presentations, productions and as a partner in the field, both nationally and internationally. i/o/lab is a partner for the FAEN Open Call.

notamNotam is a center for the development and innovative use of technology in music and the arts. The center is a resource for anyone who works with technology as an artistic tool, and is focused on sharing of knowledge and expertise. Notam is a parner for the FAEN Open Call.

Vandaler forening organises, conducts and facilitates art events with a special focus on experimental, time-based, collaborative and collective practices in relation to landscape, public space and political issues. Today the group consists of Hanan Benammar, Mattias Cantzler and the Vandal’s Trusted Community, contributing to our activities on a regular basis. In collaboration with Vandaler forening FAEN program will include “Kveld av Vandaler”.

ek.pngThe book project “Elektronisk kunst i Norge” contributes to the FAEN program as a critical tool for research to explore the achievements in the field by Norwegian experimental artists. In collaboration with the project, FAEN aims to move closer to providing an overview of the history and the fields development.


VIDKUNSTThe Video Art Archive is a pilot project initiated by Arts Council Norway in 2011, and developed by PNEK in the period 2012–2016, after which the pilot project will develop into a permanent national structure.