We are transformed into commodities or objects of trade

Anja Malec’s talk will take us on an adventure through her approach to art-making and give a close look at the concept behind her new work No Strings Attached –  Kneel in the Quest of Love. Her work is touching the idea of digital dating habits and explores the activity of consumption, consumerism, and commercialism. With an experimental approach, she aims to questions blurred lines between practical technological use and human emotional needs. Most of all, Anja is looking forward to sharing her first experience working with an interactive art installation.

MALEC_photoAnja Malec

Anja Malec works in video, audio/visual performance, and installation, moving from the static object toward the interactive installations and engagement of the audience with work. The internet and media culture define Malec’s art practice. Through artistic practice, she explores the phenomenon of human flaws as a side effect of the digital lifestyle or the ones emphasized by digitalization. Further, in her body of work, she tries to break the dichotomy between art (the process of creative expression) and life (the consumer culture). She takes a creative and playful approach to represent this somewhat complex human state of mind.